The Marxist Wiki is an aspiring online encyclopaedia dedicated to providing information about social phenomena from a social-scientific perspective. In this, it considers Marxism to be the most appropriate paradigm for social-scientific enquiry. We seek to provide information about Marxism and social phenomena from the point of view of Marxism to inform and educate aspiring Marxists and those interested in Marxism. We document views and debates within Marxism.

The Marxist Wiki rejects a range of ideas commonly associated with Marxism such as 'Marxism-Leninism' (Stalinism) and the position that the Soviet Union qualifies as socialist. In this regard, the Marxist Wiki stands in the rich traditions of Marxist humanism, Left Communism, neo-Marxism, orthodox Marxism, and certain left-wing currents in 'Bolshevik-Leninism' (Trotskyism). Those interested in Wiki with a Stalinist perspective can visit 'communpedia'.